About Highland

The William K. Organization decided in the mid 1990’s to

diversify its property holdings and began to look to the United

Kingdom as a prime focus for it’s expanded interests. It was

decided that the company would acquire small to medium sized

commercial buildings in various areas of the US.

The original property portfolio in the US was under the direction of

Alard and the later acquisitions were under the direction of Dalton A.

Estate. Most recently a new organization, Highland Properties LLC, has been

formed to control all of the existing portfolio and to take the lead in acquiring

any future properties.

At present the portfolio has a total of 24 properties. 17 buildings are

located in US, three in Whales and four are in Scotland. They range

from small two story shop/office storefronts to large open span

warehouses/manufacturing buildings.

The William K. Organization, through Highland Properties LLC,

is dedicated to expanding it’s holdings within the United States America and will

continue to add to the portfolio in the future.